The Monkey Mind


The mind is always busy, like a factory that never stops producing thoughts. It’s like a puppet master, always trying to control situations and people. But this power can also cause problems – it can lead to stress and anxiety. When we push ourselves to do more, we just add to the mind’s constant strain. This article will explore how the mind works and how understanding it can help us move from feeling controlled by our minds to feeling at peace.

Characteristics of the mind

Our brain is always hungry for attention, importance, and power. It uses these traits to control our situations by influencing our choices, changing our realities, or even manipulating our relationships. It’s always busy planning, worrying, and wanting things which creates a cycle of stress that weighs us down. Interestingly though, while it seeks control, it also tends to get stuck in an unwanted habit – attachment. It holds onto ideas formed from past experiences or future fears which ultimately makes us unhappy.

Perspective towards the mind

Our minds are always finding faults, which can make us unhappy. He suggests that knowing how our minds really work is a better solution than trying to control or fight them. Our constant desire for more is what makes us miserable – it’s just how our minds are wired. This never-ending desire causes chaos within us, hiding the happiness that’s already there but we ignore because we’re too busy thinking about what comes next. By realizing that our minds tend to wander, rush and cling to false ideas, we can become more self-aware. This self-awareness can help us control the very mind that traps us.

Techniques on mastering our minds

Think of the human mind like a wild, unpredictable horse. But with the right environment and methods, including mindfulness, patience, and training, it can be tamed to achieve a peace that often seems out of reach. One such method is mindfulness meditation. This involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment or preconceived ideas, rather than getting caught up in past memories or worries about the future. Another helpful technique is observing our thoughts from a distance – finding quiet within ourselves and watching our thoughts without getting emotionally involved or passing judgment. By regularly practicing mindfulness, we can break free from our usual habits. We become aware observers of our minds instead of passive bystanders controlled by it, which allows us to regain control over our lives


Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that they’ve unknowingly become trapped in their own minds, not their individual personalities. Our minds can become anxious, leading to constant stress and worry, and a lack of peace from being satisfied with our current situation. Some new ideas suggest that by becoming more aware of our minds instead of feeling helpless under its control, we can free ourselves. By understanding these traits that we often ignore or wrongly think are necessary for survival, we can actually find freedom from this mental cage that prevents us from truly finding peace within ourselves. It’s important for those on this journey to understand: you’re more than just your mind – you’re everything beyond it too. Once you separate yourself from this confusion, you’ll find true freedom and peace. This deep understanding has the power to change us from being controlled by our minds to being in control of them. Enjoy your awareness of your mind and use it as a tool for peace rather than a source of worry because we’re not just puppets controlled by our minds; we have the ability to master them.