Do You Want To Be Done With Stress And Trauma Related Issues?

We Are Shaped By Our Thoughts, We Become What We Think. When The Mind Is Pure, JOY Follows Like A Shadows That Never Leaves.


We have this incredible ability to transform our lives! Every bit of suffering, every emotional torment can be turned around. Why…well, it’s because we all possess this extraordinary potential to shift anything that doesn’t align with this perfect created Life!

Since childhood, I’ve been on a quest to understand life’s complexities, particularly concerning emotional and mental health. Growing up wasn’t easy for me emotionally, which led me to explore ways to attain and sustain happiness. As the saying goes, those who seek shall find, and indeed I did.

Here’s an important note note for you: my journey to joy involved acknowledging my emotional wounds and diligently working through them using a specific approach. This has taught me that while pain is inevitable in life, it can also lead us to profound experiences. The insights I’ve gathered from my journey have enriched my life greatly.

I merely want to share just the handles that you might need to overcome your STRESS or TRAUMA. I have some exceptional methods that could really change your life around.



More energy for joy and contentment

By optimising energy consumption and reducing constant tension, you’ll have more vitality to spend on activities you truly enjoy, enhancing your quality of life.


Ellery’s approach, which took me directly to the root of my issues without extensive questioning, was a breath of fresh air compared to previous methods I’ve encountered. This was a revolutionary shift for me. My deepest appreciation for these invaluable teachings that will continue to impact me. 

Nury Buendia

Director Foundation

In the brief time span during which we collaborated, Ellery introduced an entirely unique and highly efficient strategy that provided me with the much-needed clarity I needed in my life. My gratitude extends to you, my friend.



Wow, it’s amazing how we bumped into each other unexpectedly, yet you chose to collaborate with me even though it wasn’t on the agenda. The surprise training you offered propelled my growth in a significant way. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this, thank you for being such a wonderful person!

Wendy Sullivan

Product Designer

Ellery, I am forever indebted to you for your invaluable guidance. The way you’ve helped me unlock the beauty within my heart is something I’ll treasure forever. Your deeds and the graciousness with which you performed them have left a profound impact on me, one that will always be recalled with deep appreciation.

Maia Berbich

Spiritual Seeker